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Covered by Most Insurances Including Medicare!

Mens + Womens health


HRT is designed to mimic the behavior of the natural growth hormone produced by the human body. 

Happy Health and Wellness specializes in Men’s and Women’s health. Our Physcians will sit down and listen to your health concerns, evaluate your hormone levels using advanced lab testing and create a treatment plan and return you to your active lifestyle.

Covered by Most Insurances Including Medicare!

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Lose Excessive Weight

Estrogen, the female sex hormone, can cause weight gain or weight loss. 5 main hormones should be balanced to regulate body mass and to help lose weight.

Improve Your Sex Drive

The main sex hormones are Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. Their normal balance leads to a healthy sex drive for both men and women.

Enhance Brain Function

When hormones are out of balance, it can cause a condition known as brain fog. This condition is defined as a state in which a person finds him or herself unable to concentrate, combined with irritability and fatigue.

Covered by Most Insurances Including Medicare!

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